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Information About Wire Fence Systems
Where is Panel Fence Used?

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Wire fence system, which have a symmetrical structure and a decorative appearance, are very durable and easy to install, apart from being a security provider and limiter in areas such as houses, villas, vineyards, gardens, fields, schools, parks. Panel fencing is also used in areas where you do not want animals to enter, and for poultry house construction. Panel fence usage areas include;

wall floor
concrete floor
earth ground
grass ground
It has marble floors.
Panel Fence and Its Advantages


Panel fence is advantageous in terms of security at many points. Panel fence is preferred in many areas such as not allowing strangers to enter the house or garden, not allowing animals to enter the garden or field, determining the border areas. Panel fence models can be used in different places after production is made in the desired thickness and features in line with the demands. In addition, easy assembly increases the use of panel fences in many areas.


The most suitable fence type for various climatic conditions is panel fences. It is not easily affected by humid air or various weather events, and there is no paint problem after assembly. Namely; Panel fence manufacturing comes out of production as painted and there is no need to paint again later. The standard panel fence color, which gives a natural appearance in production, is green. However, Ankara panel fence assembly can be painted at an additional cost, according to the choice of order in a different color. Panel fences can be used for years without repair, deterioration and rust, after the assembly is done as a result of the careful work of our company.



In order to increase the strength of the panel wire fence, there are 2 twists of 120cm at 50cm, 75cm and 100cm heights, 3 twists at 150cm and 175cm heights, and 4 twists at 200cm heights. Wire thickness is 4.50mm as standard in our stocks. Production is made in special thicknesses according to demand. We undertake many comprehensive and successful projects throughout Ankara. By gaining a respectable place in the sector and as wire fence systems, we have adopted the principle of keeping the quality of work and workmanship and especially customer satisfaction at the highest level since the day we were established. Our aim is to raise the bar a little higher in the sector and to sign more projects, and most importantly, we offer our customers the most suitable project and quality product. It has accelerated its efforts for the institutionalization of our company and has determined many changes and strategies in this way and also implemented it.

For panel fence prices, you can look HERE.


We continue to serve you, our valued customers, with our panel wire fences in Ankara. New companies are added to our references day by day. Many corporate companies have preferred our company for many years because they are satisfied with our company or our service quality in terms of materials, workmanship and time. Informing the customer is one of the most important issues in our company. The reason for this is that you know what the customer is spending money on and we want him to be satisfied with the work done and the material. For us, providing quality service comes before making money. Our company, which is the pioneer of the sector in terms of Environmental Safety, closely monitors the sectoral developments in the world, and we manufacture in accordance with international quality standards.



Today, in many places such as home, garden, field, park, school, sports fields and land, different measures are needed in terms of security and preferences. For this reason, Ankara panel garden fence systems, which can be used in many areas, are one of the first security measures that come to mind. Compared to wire mesh, you can have panel wire fence systems, which are more decorative, useful and durable, according to the area you want.


Wire fence Ankara is a priority in preference with its symmetrical structure, modern and stylish appearance, in addition to being due to the need for security. In addition, panel fence application in Ankara is more demanded due to its affordable price. Panel fences, which can be produced according to the dimensions according to the wishes of our customers, can also be easily connected and assembled. Panel fences can be easily disassembled and mounted in cases such as relocation or transportation.


Team Panel fence prices; Our standard unit price is 75 TL + VAT per m2. Our prices do not include assembly application and shipping. Our prices are valid for 2022.


Panel fence dimensions; Generally, panel fence standard sizes; It is 250 cm long and 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 175 cm and 200 cm high.


Ankara Panel fence installation; These fences, which can be easily attached or detached on the wall or soil floors,


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