Staying Sober over the Holidays


Spend time with people who you feel comfortable around, people who lift you up instead of bringing you down. Remind yourself that you are deserving of this connection — deserving of kindness, love, and happiness. If you are in recovery, especially if you’re newly sober, this might be difficult to be around. With treatment, people learn how to manage co-occurring disorders without the use of sober holidays addictive substances. Dealing with “the holiday blues” or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is thought to be caused by the less available light and shorter days this time of year, can also add to holiday challenges. People in early recovery who have spent a lot of time in treatment recently may be especially burdened by financial issues this time of year, causing added stress.

  • By planning ahead, seeking support, and practicing self-care, you can not only maintain your sobriety but also create memorable and joyful holiday experiences that don’t rely on alcohol.
  • Drinking 5 days a week can leave you tired and lethargic and in need of a ‘real’ holiday.
  • If you are in recovery, especially if you’re newly sober, this might be difficult to be around.
  • But be alert for other people driving past who may not be as conscientious as you, and be careful.

If you’ve slipped more than once, this might be a sign you need additional support, such as more frequent counseling sessions or an intensive outpatient program. Addiction relapse may be identifiable by physical signs of substance use, changes in behavior, or other cognitive or emotional symptoms of intoxication. One of the ways you can keep yourself on the right track is by forging or leaning on meaningful connections you have with loved ones in your life.

Support Helplines And Chats For Addiction Recovery

Having your own transportation home — whether it’s your own car, a ride-hailing service, or a sober friend — means you can leave when you want to leave. If you are interested in discussing a holiday at New Life Portugal please contact us at CATCH Recovery. We will take your details and pass them over to New Life Portugal who can contact you directly about their holidays. Average crashes per day in 2022 were 1,945, FLHSMV data shows, with 2,087 on St. Patrick’s Day. In 2021, there were 2,155 St. Paddy’s Day wrecks, compared to the usual average of 1,927 per day the rest of the year. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear reminded residents to be safe during the holiday weekend.

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Think about which gatherings you can safely attend and which are best to skip altogether. Once you’ve decided what gathering to attend and avoid, take time to plan some fun sober traditions to make new memories. If you’ve recently entered recovery, you may be experiencing a bit of anxiety about having to face the holidays this year. Worry not, as there are plenty of sober activities to integrate into this year’s holiday season. Stress-reduction techniques provide a simple, yet essential strategy for helping to prevent relapse in addiction recovery, especially during a busy or stressful holiday season.

Why staying sober can be difficult during the holidays

It’s about tuning into the sights and sounds around you allowing anxious thoughts to drift away. No matter how hectic things get, be sure to carve out time for self-care between social engagements. Taking time to meditate, get some exercise, practice a favorite hobby, or even just catch your breath can go a long way. Lamanna suggested having some relaxation techniques ready to go if you feel tempted to drink during an event. “It can even help to have them written down on your phone so that if things get too tense, you can escape to the bathroom and do anything that might help you de-escalate,” Lamanna said. Sultan said it’s important at social gatherings and in general to “remind yourself regularly why you chose sobriety.”


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