Information About Grass Fence


Information About Grass Fence

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It has become one of the most preferred fence covering products, also known as Grass fence, which is one of the most modern and aesthetic grass wall models of today. In this sense, it is a very functional wire mesh product group, as it is used for both safety and aesthetic appearance. Actually, these products are a wire mesh system combined with artificial grass, wall grass, grass fence, grass wire, grass wall covering, wall grass, wall grass price, wall grass fence.

Grass Wall Wire; Grass fence, which is a coating product with a multi-purpose grass look produced with strong, quality and durable wires in general, is a product coated and combined with a stainless, non-oxidizing, galvanized wire and a special PVC synthetic grass. It has a very robust use with its durable and strong structure. Grass wall is known for being an excellent product in terms of decorativeness, it does not burn, does not fade, does not wear out, does not shed, does not hold dust, and is a high quality product that has been used for many years with its structure resistant to sunlight.

grass fence ; It is one of the high satisfaction guaranteed wire mesh products produced in our factory and sold to almost every PROVINCE or DISTRICT of our country.

Decorative grass fence dimensions; 100 cm grass fence120 cm grass fence150 cm grass fence200 cm grass fence is 10 meters long and is sold in 1 ball.

Wholesale grass fence prices are the leader of the sector in grass fence covering products with our retail sales as well as the wholesale sales of the grass fence products produced in our factory throughout Turkey. Our machines have the capacity to meet the needs of every region of our country by working nonstop, except for Sundays.

grass fence; In general, it has a very pleasant appearance with the appearance of grass wall models, which are often seen in restaurants, bars, cafes, tea gardens, wedding halls, and similar places, and has a structure that highlights the elite of the place.

Grass fence prices, which is one of the most aesthetic products of today – Grass Fence company – Grass Fence factory – Grass fence manufacturer and one of the factories, our company has rich products and quality materials in our range – Cheap grass wallGrass fence prices – Grass fence price – Decorative artificial fence The fence is a very easy product to use and install.

Today, almost every day, the usage areas of grass fences are becoming more diverse. With each passing day, we see that grass fences are used in many different areas. Grass fences in general; Today, it is mostly preferred in the following areas:

Building, site and villa surroundings,
school surroundings,
around the sports field,
Hotel garden surroundings,
land, vineyard,
Kindergarten, playground area
garbage container decoration
around swimming pools,
On the balconies of home, workplace or public areas,
In cafes and restaurants,


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