garden wire prices
garden wire prices


Garden wire prices are one of the first things that people who want to have wire do research. In our article, we will provide you with all kinds of information flow.

We are in a busy rush at every moment and we want to throw ourselves into the fresh air, mountain and slope as soon as possible. When we have a private property anywhere, we want to go there as soon as possible and enjoy it.

We also use garden wires to determine the boundaries of our private properties and to provide a more elegant appearance from the outside. It is quite possible to find wire in the size you want, in the model you want and in a color of your choice.

garden wire;

It is knitted for security purposes,
Intervals can be in different millimeters,
Patterns can be different,
Protects your borders
It allows you to design a private space for yourself.
You should decide what kind of product you will use, considering your intended use. There is a wide range of options available on our online site. You can review and decide on all of them one by one and then place an order.

What are Garden Wire Models?

When you take a look at the garden wire prices, you will see how many different models there are. We would like to invite our customers, who think that I will have the wire laid on the bottom, and how many different models there can be, to our online shopping site. In the end, you may not be able to get out of the business.

The use of garden wires is increasing even more today. Especially during this pandemic period, people have bought private properties that they can escape at any time, and they have fenced in to ensure security when they are not there.

It is possible to make the garden wires straight, you can also make them crosswise. It is entirely up to your taste. Wire fence models are made using special machines. The wires are connected to each other by means of machines and a very stylish appearance is obtained.

In garden wire colors;

black color,
Red color,
blue color,
It is among the most preferred colors. However, if you ask what color wire is being made the most, we can say that the green color is used more.

Among the garden wire models, the panel fence is one of the most used models. Panel fences have a rigid structure. It is possible to make these wires straight or sequentially if you wish.

Panel fences also have a decorative structure, but they are generally preferred for security purposes.

When it comes to security, the other two most preferred models are; razor wire and barbed wire. If you want to make any of your private property a very safe place, you should definitely use razor wire. Anyone who knows that your villa or other property is surrounded by razor wire will not approach in any way.

Once razor wire gets stuck anywhere on a person’s body, it is nearly impossible to remove it without help from someone else. The more he tries to escape, the more he becomes entangled and can suffer serious damage. For this reason, if you do not want to take extra high measures, it would be more appropriate to use barbed wire. Razor wires are generally preferred in military fields and private lands that should not be entered.

When it comes to garden wire prices, we can say that razor wire is more expensive than barbed wire. The purpose of razor wire and barbed wire is to provide complete safety, so decoration remains in the background.

What are the Features of Garden Wires?

Garden wires are made using special machines. Wire mesh is very difficult to open. They have a solid structure as they are knitted by machines. If you want to have a wire made, but the weather conditions are quite bad where my private property is located, you can be sure that their solid structures will not be damaged.

Models of wire mesh; It can be square, triangular or baklava if you wish. The method called hot-dip galvanization is used in the construction of the wires.

When using the galvanization method; The metal structure is immersed first. It is then covered with zinc. Thus, they become much more resistant to weather conditions. Using such a method ensures that it stands firmly in case of any impact.

It will be possible to make the garden wires you want to make much more durable by covering them with PVC. Thus, even if it is not a place where you live for a long time, you can leave your property without being watched. It is quite possible that you will find it the same way the next time you come.

You can contact us to get information about garden wire prices and to put the model in your mind into practice.


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